The Pregnant + Postpartum Athlete Workshop
January 28, 2023
CrossFit Invictus, San Diego
The Pregnant + Postpartum Athlete Workshop
January 28, 2023
CrossFit Invictus, San Diego

Learn the adjustments to make to your training in pregnancy and postpartum, on behalf of your Core, Pelvic Floor, and Long-Term Fitness Goals in this 1-day workshop. 

The agenda

  • Understanding the Pregnant + Postpartum Athlete Brain
  • Common core + pelvic health symptoms + experiences and how to manage them during pregnancy + postpartum 
  • ​Training adjustments during pregnancy
  • ​Returning to training postpartum
  • ​Guidelines for coaches to help your athletes adjust their training. 
  • PLUS: Lots of time for Q+A, brainstorming, and movement
Please dress in clothing you can comfortably move around in.

We will also need volunteers, so if there is anything you’re currently struggling with personally, you’ll have the opportunity to to get the whole team troubleshooting with you.


January 28:  9 am - 4 pm

1 hour lunch break

Where: Invictus Fitness in San Diego, California

Price: $249

This workshop is for

  • Anyone thinking about getting pregnant and curious how to navigate training during this chapter
  • Pregnant CrossFitters + Athletes who want to know what adjustments to make to their training
  • Postpartum athletes who want to rebuild their strength and performance while making considerations for their healing core + pelvic floor
  • ​Women who are years postpartum but still managing nagging symptoms of core/pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Coaches who've noticed an increase in pregnant and postpartum clients in their classes and want to be better informed on how to coach them
After our day together you will...
Know how to leverage your brain to work for you instead of against you
Have gained insight on your own body and symptoms
Know the adjustments to make to your training in pregnancy 
Have an understanding of your return to fitness postpartum 
Better cues and guidelines coaches can use in their classes
An understanding of core + pelvic health considerations and the the things you DO have control over in your approach to exercise

Your Questions, Answered: