Learn How To Adjust
Your Workouts For Pregnancy
This FREE Guide will teach you how to continue the workouts you love during pregnancy while keeping your body and baby safe!
  • Tips & Recommendations for Each Trimester
Your body will change week by week, so should your workouts. Find out how. 
  • Exercise Modifications
30 substitutions for common movements.
  • Red Flags to Watch For
When does an exercise become unsafe?
We'll tell you what to pay attention to.


Typical advice often sounds like:   

"Do what you've always done!" 

"Just walk!"    

"Don't lift more than you did pre-pregnancy." 

That isn't exactly helpful and it's definitely confusing.

Who do you listen to?

Who can you trust?      

As someone who likes to exercise intensely you may feel like you're losing your whole identity, but it doesn't have to be that way.  

Hi! We are Heather & Brianna

And our passion is helping pregnant and postpartum moms maintain their fitness a while keeping the health of their core and pelvic floor a priority. 

We've coached hundreds of women over the last 10 years and we've combined our brains to bring you this incredible FREE resource.