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This FREE guide will teach you how to start rehab on your core + pelvic floor postpartum.
Build a solid foundation so that you can safely return to the exercise you love.

Here's What You'll Get: 

  • 6 Exercises for early postpartum designed to meet your body where it's at and help it heal.
  • Video demonstrations + tips for each exercise.
  • Guidance on breath, activities of daily living, and navigating your postpartum brain.
  • ​Advice your doctor and friends don't know to tell you about your postpartum body as it relates to fitness.

Your brain may be ready for exercise, but your body is not.

I'm Brianna Battles. Coach. Mom. Athlete. Founder of Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism. 

In my coaching career I've worked with thousands of athletes.

From professionals, Olympians, CrossFitters, and of course, everyday women who love fitness. 

I remember after having a baby the itchy feeling of being ready to get back into a normal exercise routine again. 

The longing to do "something" and feel like you have any amount of control is a common experience with athletic women postpartum. 

I struggled with this myself. 

While your body is not ready for normal exercise just yet, you can begin movement with intention, and assist your recovery experience from the inside out.  

Begin to rehab your core + pelvic floor and build a solid foundation so that you can safely return to the exercise you love.